Gloria mundi

An out-of-use army airport, an abandoned anti-aircraft base with barracks, a two-storey, hidden bunker, closed-down factory plants, numerous crumbling castles and mansions, a desolated cinema and a solitary amusement park.
What is common in these places? - one may ask.

All these enermous, men-built structures are quickly fading out from our age, in many cases without leaving behind a single trace. Palaces once so glamorous and rich in style and forms, factories once firm and immovable, military fortresses and strongholds once demanding respect and authority are all examples of how worldly things are fleeting.

Gloria Mundi - the name of my photo project comes from the Latin saying 'Sic transit gloria mundi' which stands for 'Thus passes the glory of the world'. Between 2006 and 2008 I visited 13 different places in order to catch the last glimpses of these places once so glorious and strong. I was trying to portrait what was left from their old honour and prestige, to save their last memories. Despite being ragged by different authorities, broken down by enterpreteurs, disfigured by vandals or simply corroded by nature and time, these places are still amazing and have a lot to tell to their visitors.

By visiting the gallery, you can now preview 30 out of the appr. 200 glimpses saved in this project. Enjoy!

Tamás Illés
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